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The goal of Unveiled Aspirations is to empower women and the strengthen and empower families. We want to inspire others to have the courage to “unveil” their goals and dreams and to reach for the stars! We want them to come to the realization that there are no limits on what can be accomplished once the chains of doubt, confusion and fear are broken. Chenica Grant, Founder,  truly believes in empowering other women to follow their dreams and to never give up. She is engaging and has an outgoing  personality which makes her connect with her audiences immediately!!!  "She delivers content that  is honest, heartfelt and from her own personal experiences." Her messages are always delivered with high energy that motivates and encourages others to reach for the stars and to live up to their full potential and their destined greatness.  Not only is Unveiled Aspirations about empowering women through speech but also through dance. Chenica founded the "Specialites", dubbed by one of her sisters,  to help encourage and motivate women to be comfortable with their bodies and to love themselves!! The Specialites have  performed at the renowned Red Cat Jazz Café as a feature act and at the Love Zone II. Chenica not only does group choreography but also private sessions and wedding bridal party dances.  For more information, please contact

(409) 939-5629 or email



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